Friday, May 30, 2014

My Audience

I had 2 views and the people both commented. I liked 1 a tiny bit more than the other though(no offense Gus). A few months later I got 2 more comments. Then we were working with collage students from NC(North Carolina), so I got a nice comment from one of the students. Then I got another one from Gus, and it said to do more posts, so that what i'm finishing this up.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reflection of Possibilities

Today my class and I watched a video with someone named Kyle Lambert (not showing him doing it ) but doing a video of drawing Buzz Lightyear and 5 other Disney characters. It was cool. I  think Kyle did actually draw those characters by himself, not separate the pieces of a picture and put the pieces back together. But even if he didn't draw them by himself, i'm still amazed by the person that drew the picture. I also like that Kyle used a lot of tools on the iPad to create his pictures.You can put Kyle's videos on the internet to share with your family and friends.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I'm Katie. I hope you like my blog. I live in NYC ( Brooklyn.) I'm in 3rd grade. I have a mom, a dad, and a sibling. When I'm writing ( typing) this, I'm 8 years old. I like sports. I have a martial arts class in my school and I take it and I like it. I've two favorite subjects in my school. I had two hamsters, but now I have one because one of them died. I REALLY like to swim.